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On Mon, 25 Nov 1996 09:46:03 +0000 (GMT), Robert Ulrich wrote:

>Well, the joke is that Pal was trying to talk Groo into doing
>something for him and used, as one of his reasons, the fact that
>there was about to e a big pirate raid. I cannot remember which issue
>number it was but it's a very early one - it has a picture of Groo
>facing Drumm in a big gladiator arena on the cover, if that counts.

Well, as I can see, you'r refering to Epic issue # 23, where Groo meets
Pal & Drumm. But as I could see, when I reread my issues to find this
question,  this is NOT where the "joke" startet... And there were no
pirates included at this time.

By the way: Got a copy of The Elfquest HardCover Novel #2 today, which
had a foreword my Mark. He even mentioned Groo the Wanderer in it :)


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