Life Of Groo

Well I walked into my local(ish) comics store here in sunny Bournemouth 
yesterday, and what did I find?  A copy of the Life Of Groo which I 
promptly purchased since Groo material is extraordinarily hard to find 
over here.

What  can I say?  Yet another classic bit of Groo (as if I ever doubted 
it would be...).  I see that this was  not published by Image or Epic 
etc, but did come out last year.  Does this mean that there may be more 
works reprinted like this?  Is it likely that there may be some TPB's 
printed of old Groo material, or will there be a problem with the old 
stuff being printed by EPIC?  I would love to be able to get TPB's as 
it's damned hard getting hold of anything GRoo related, although a friend 
of mine has the TPB reprints of the very early EPIC Groo's...

Incidentally, should anyone in the UK want to sell off anyof thei stuff, 
PLEASE contact me.  I am always willing to purchase good condition stuff.


	 Simon Brown          	        u9500021@bournemouth.ac.uk