Hello all,

Just a short note to tell everyone that I'm leaving my email access
today, and so won't be on the groop for a few months.  If you need to
contact me, you can probably send me an email, because I might get the
occasional chance to read my email, but don't count on getting a reply.
If you *really* need to contact me (though god knows why you would),
there are a few people out there with my snail-mail address, so you
could probably find it out without too much trouble.

So, when I come back at the end of February, I look forward to getting
involved with the Great Groo Quiz volume 12, and hearing some good news
about the return of Groo...

Until then, may your pockets be filled with kopins, your cup runneth
over with cheese dip, and your garden never be lacking in mulch!
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