2nd button-badge-pin-etc.

Hi Groop.

Got my second prize today :) Thanks Eric. 
This one is even better than the last, a real Groo E-Grams pin. Just 
perfect for Groo-l.

And one other thing...
Any Norwegians, or others, on the list got Groo Sverdsvingeren from 
Semic, numbers 1/84, 2/84, 3/85, 4/85, 6/85. If so, could you help me 
with some information about the issues. Like poem, moral, Mark's job, etc.

Don't got these issues myself, and it would be nice to get the information 
so my WWW page can be as informative as possible.
Or even better, anyone have copies they can sell me ??? :)


   	                         Ronny Hansen

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