Re: Question 7


> Ok, here's a stinker for you. I think I'll make it a riddle:
> In an issue where Groo works for someone who's business he has helped
> along for many years and fails to tell right from left (or even North
> from South), how many grains of sand?

OK, I haven't the complete answer (Well I don't have it at all, if this is
the answer to "how many grains of sand" you want)...
> Oh, and I want the issue number and name of the story too. Heh heh
> heh

OK, this I know : the 'someone' is Death itself, and the issue is #99
and this is "The wager of the Gods, part IV".

Have I earned my a price ?

Note: I asked my brother to read through the whole issue #99, but he
      didn't find  any mention to some grains of sand. Naturally, not being a
      Groopie, he didn't know that meant "the Groo Grams too!"....

And, here comes a question #8, for the discouraged ones:
Q: Which are the two towns that were destroyed because of Groo, without
   him being present (butu comin closer and closer...)
   And well, since you'll have to go through your collection, gimme the
   numbers and names...

	See  you,

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