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> Hello,
> > Ok, here's a stinker for you. I think I'll make it a riddle:
> > 
> > In an issue where Groo works for someone who's business he has 
> > along for many years and fails to tell right from left (or even 
> > from South), how many grains of sand?
> OK, I haven't the complete answer (Well I don't have it at all, if 
this is
> the answer to "how many grains of sand" you want)...
> > Oh, and I want the issue number and name of the story too. Heh heh
> > heh
> OK, this I know : the 'someone' is Death itself, and the issue is 
> and this is "The wager of the Gods, part IV".
> Have I earned my a price ?

No, sorry. You are way way way off!

Seriously, Iknow this is a stinker but trust me, all the clues are in 
the riddle - and Imean *all* the clues.

Ok, and to be fair, the end question *does* mean something. It isn't 
just me being clever.

Heh heh heh


P.S. I'mo ff email from next Saturday until start of Jan so I won't be 
able to confirm any answers at this time.

> Note: I asked my brother to read through the whole issue #99, but he
>       didn't find  any mention to some grains of sand. Naturally, 
not being a
>       Groopie, he didn't know that meant "the Groo Grams too!"....
> And, here comes a question #8, for the discouraged ones:
> Q: Which are the two towns that were destroyed because of Groo, 
>    him being present (butu comin closer and closer...)
>    And well, since you'll have to go through your collection, gimme 
>    numbers and names...
> 	See  you,
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