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B > I thought they finished making those a while ago and weren't going t
B > more.  And certainly not while most of the guys are busy with the
B > Superman cartoon, which Evanier is writing several episodes of.

ME: I wrote one episode for the first season of SUPERMAN. It's probably
going to be the last new one they air, some time in February, and it
introduces (briefly) the arch-villain, Darkseid.

Steve Gerber and I have co-authored three more episodes for the
following season -- all featuring Jack Kirby "Fourth World" characters.

Production has been temporarily suspended on more SUPERMAN episodes
while the crew shifts over to making some more BATMANs. I've agreed to
write a couple of these but I haven't yet started. I'm currently writing
a new cartoon show for the WB (characters you've never heard of) and
I'll have to see if I can make time for BATMAN.  But I'll try.

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