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Hi guys/grrls!

A forwarded msg from BooK is included below.  I don't think it was sent
to the mailing list.

Also, while we're currently clueless (uh, I mean Grooless), try check-
ing out the Batman & Robin Adventures and Superman Adventures cartoons
and comic books from WB/DC.  Both really cool!  Guess I'll be looking
for Mark's name in the credits.  Hope they include Batgirl in some epi-

See ya l8r.

Eric  =)

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> Just a reminder that the picture button prize for the GGQ ends on
> Dec. 15 (less than a week).  If you'd like to get one, you've got to
> get your answer in b4 then.
Whaat ?!
But there are no question till question 6 or so !...
Maybe we shouldn't wait for some one to find it and ask other questions
(hey guy send some questions in so that I can earn me another
badge/pin/button !)

OK, here comes another question (I already asked one, which hasn't been
answered yet... about the two cities destroyed) :

In which issue did Mark and sergio follow the Comic Book Barbarian
regulation 46F(iii), paragraph one responding to a threat of the Comic
Book Barbarian Regulation Enforcement Agency (Whashington, D.C.) ?

Well, let's make it two questions :

What is according to Mark, "easily, the funniest thing [Mark and Sergio]
publish all year. [They] have, in fact, readers who wait all year for this." ?
Where he wrote this is a bonus.

	See you,

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