Question 7

Basically, Hans-Christian has got it 98% right so I think I'll let him
have it if he can tell us all whether this issue was before or after
issue 100

Hans-Christian Prytz wrote:
> I know the story, but I don't have the issue it's in :-( So I can't 
> look up the name of the story or the issue number.
> Anyway, our hero gets a job for an undertaker doing err undertaking ??? 
> AT the same time the king in this town decides to pretend he is dead 
> for some reason, and uses a potion that makes him seem dead.
> Wll, as he is lying in the undertaker's shop, groo puts him into 
> about a dozen specally made coffins that fit into eachother, and 
> drags him out into the desert to the eas, eerr no west, err north by 
> south-up :-) (you get the point I'm sure) and buries him
> He then promptly forgets where.
> The problem for the kings advisors is that the king has hid the 
> treasury, and only he knows where it is........
> Well, the story ends with Groo wandering off as usual..... (and the 
> townsfolk dikking wildly all over the place if I remember correctly)
> I know it isn't the full answer, but it's the best I can do without 
> the issue. Oh, there was something about an undead hin this story as 
> well I think, but then I haven't read it for some time...
> So do I get a priz, or did I err gravely? :-=)
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