Re: Great Groo Quiz, Volume 2 -Reply

> I can't see a compelling reason to limit the
> number of asked questions.  We could stop at 11 or
> 17 or whatever.
> With that in mind I will ask a few myself.

I'll try to aswer some of them, if I answer enough, maybe I'll win myself
a badge ! (says BooK, in a desperate burst of crazy hope)

> 37. What happened to Groo's parents?
They first happened in "the life of Groo". The evil sorcer (what's his
name ?) turned his mother into a vulture and his father into a pig (I
think) in front of Groo. After Groo saved them, they changed their name
into Smith.
> 53. What happened to Groo?
5Groo happened. Isn't it bad enough ?

> 27. What happened to Groo's head?
He was "born without the ability to think" (see "the life of Groo" GN),
so whatever happened to it, don't worry. (a few rocks hit him there,
making him lose and find again his memory, some issues ago).
> 77. What happened to Grooella's hair?
Once upon a time, they were blond. But, as I said Groo (and various
dragons and lightning) happened.

> 41. What happened to the Arana?
It was given alipuz (in #52) and was therefore drunk. Then it was sliced,
and cut and killed and mulched (woops) and killed again. But Groo forgot
to tell Chakaal that he was the Prince of Chichester (nope), he'd like to
marry her (no, no what did he forget to say ?)... that he saw a few
hundreds (thousands) of Aranbas' eggs. ("Ignorance weaves a web from which
noone can escape" (approximate moral)).

> 88. What happened to Taranto's other horn?
It was cut by Groo in a fray.

> 66. Why would anyone steal Rufferto?
For his extremely valuable collar.

> 48. How did Groo pull his tooth?
> 39. What is mulch?
"Mulching is a process of inbred fertilization which employs certain
 decomposed organic materials -including, but not limited to animal sediment-
 to blanket an area in which vegetation is desired. The procedure enriches the
 soil for stimulated plant development while, at the same time, preventing
 erosion and decreasing the evaporation of moisture from the ground."

> 89. Where did the Sirenas live?
> 93. What did the natives trade Ajax for nails? 
Gold. And Groo gaves the natives the nails from Ahax boat. Which, needless
to say, sinked.
> 21. Would you like to be the Mocosa?
Yes ! :) Mmm. Wait ! He looks like Al Jaffee, doesn't he ?

> (and for the GrooGram-inclined):
> 37. When will Scott Murray write an intelligent
> letter?
> Extra Bonus Question:
> 101. Did I err?
Did I too ?

	Ok, I tooed ! Anyway,

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