Re: Great Groo Quiz, Volume 2 -Reply

Howdy Yall,

I can't see a compelling reason to limit the
number of asked questions.  We could stop at 11 or
17 or whatever.

With that in mind I will ask a few myself.

37. What happened to Groo's parents?

53. What happened to Groo?

27. What happened to Groo's head?

77. What happened to Grooella's hair?

41. What happened to the Arana?

88. What happened to Taranto's other horn?

66. Why would anyone steal Rufferto?

48. How did Groo pull his tooth?

39. What is mulch?

89. Where did the Sirenas live?

93. What did the natives trade Ajax for nails? 

21. Would you like to be the Mocosa?

(and for the GrooGram-inclined):
37. When will Scott Murray write an intelligent

Extra Bonus Question:

101. Did I err?

ACCIDENT, n. An inevitable occurrence due to the
action of immutable natural laws.
                      -Ambrose Bierce