Re: Great Groo Quiz, Volume 2 -Reply#2 & Question #20ish

Randall Allsup wrote:
> 89. Where did the Sirenas live?

Finally, I can answer one:

        The Sirenas live "inside the island, in a lagoon within the
Though, the townfolk who were terrorized by Las Sirenas thought they
were demons who came out of the lake in a dragon.  Issue #50, title:
"Chakaal Again!"   Sergion must've had 'fun' drawing this one. . . :-}

So. . . how do I get my badge?? :-}

And, here's question #20 (since I have no idea what number we're on):

	What was Mark's job in the issue where Groo seeks the amulet of King

I'll give the answer to Randall Allsup as I'll be away from my e-mail
for a while.