Re: Great Groo Quiz, Volume 2 -Reply

> From: Randall Allsup <rallsup@wpo.borland.com>
> Howdy Yall,
> I can't see a compelling reason to limit the
> number of asked questions.  We could stop at 11 or
> 17 or whatever.
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> action of immutable natural laws.
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As we descend into total anarchy, why use numbers at all?  First question easy, 
second one hard.

Question Drumm)  Name an issue number where Groo appears:
			A) nude
			B) as a cowboy
			C) as a superhero
			D) as an astronaut
Question Sage)  Where has Sergio drawn Groo in new non-Groo material released   	
		this year?
		I know of 3 places, but there may be more....			

P.S.  I suggest we make a new years resolution to go back to our old ways, a 
question at a time in numerical order. (Quiet there, Randy of the perfect words 
from the land of Bor!)
	Erik %-)			 
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