Great Groo Quiz, Volume 2

Well here's the latest update to the quiz. If I've missed out anything
please inform me and I will correct it.

Questions left to answer are 8, 9, 10, 37 (one of the two question 37's that
exist), 48, Drumm and Sage
Thanks for the last two :--)

Good luck

Simon P

From: Simon Passey <S.Passey@ic.ac.uk>
Subject: Great Groo Quiz, Volume 2


--- Volume 2 ---
(Includes the name of person who submitted the question, as well as the name
of the person who answered.  Apologies to anyone who's name I've spelt wrong.)

Q1: I got a tricky question! Who was the first subscriber to groo-l not
counting me! The first subscriber can't answer this either! Say who (or at
least their e-mail address) and say how you found out!     (Josh Jones)

A:  Ruben (a.k.a Scribe) was the second subscriber to the Groo mailing list.
His email address appears second in the results from the "who groo-l" query
sent to listkeeper@hmc.edu".     (Eric Chun)

Q2: What is a "crackie"?     (Eric Chun)

A:  A firework IMAGE GROO #6     (Denis Hackney)

Q3: How many gilds did Groo get for capturing Drazils? (Denis Hackney)

A:  Well, Groo was first offered 5 gilds for each Drazil captured, but Groo
got the prize "up" to 1 gild. He brought 13 Drazils each time, and did this
9 times. Alas, this will say 9 x 13 = 117. Groo got 117 gilds, but he had to
give half of it too the Drazils though.    (Ronny Hansen)

Q4: What's the story behind's Drumm's everlasting question "What
Pirates?",and in what issue did this first begin?    (Ronny Hansen)

A:  Groo #39 in which Pal is trying to get more reward for the return of
Rufferto and he claims evil pirates are holding Rufferto hostage. Drumm
being slow of mind says "What pirates" repeatedly throughout the rest of the
(Simon Passey)

Q5:  What's more crooked than the nose of Groo the Wanderer ? (BooK)

A:   His Lawyer  Groo #90 (Simon Passey)

Q6:  Name the Groo story and the issue in which Groo is dressed as a woman ?
(Simon Passey)

A:   "Eye of the Kabula" Groo #6  (Robert Ulrich)

Q7:   In an issue where Groo works for someone who's business he has helped
along for many years and fails to tell right from left (or even North from
South), how many grains of sand?  (Robert Ulrich)

A:  Our hero gets a job for an undertaker doing err undertaking ??? At the
same time the king in this town decides to pretend he is dead for some
reason, and uses a potion that makes him seem dead.  Well, as he is lying in
the undertaker's shop, groo puts him into about a dozen specially made
coffins that fit into eachother, and  drags him out into the desert to the
east, err no west, err north by  south-up :-) (you get the point I'm sure)
and buries him. He then promptly forgets where. The problem for the kings
advisors is that the king has hid the treasury, and only he knows where it
is..... Well, the story ends with Groo wandering off as usual.

Q8: Which are the two towns that were destroyed because of Groo, without him
being present (but comin closer and closer... )
And well, since you'll have to go through your collection, gimme the numbers
and names... (BooK)


Q9: In which issue did Mark and sergio follow the Comic Book Barbarian
regulation 46F(iii), paragraph one responding to a threat of the Comic Book
Barbarian Regulation Enforcement Agency (Washington, D.C.) ?


Q10: What is according to Mark, "easily, the funniest thing [Mark and
Sergio] publish all year. [They] have, in fact, readers who wait all year
for this." ?


Q21. Would you like to be the Mocosa?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  Yes ! :) Mmm. Wait ! He looks like Al Jaffee, doesn't he ?  (BooK)

Q27. What happened to Groo's head?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  He was "born without the ability to think" (see "the life of Groo" GN),
so whatever happened to it, don't worry. (a few rocks hit him there, making
him lose and find again his memory, some issues ago).  (BooK)

Q37. When will Scott Murray write an intelligent letter?   (Randall Allsup)


Q37. What happened to Groo's parents?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  They first happened in "the life of Groo". The evil sorcerer (what's his
name ?) turned his mother into a vulture and his father into a pig (I think)
in front of Groo. After Groo saved them, they changed their name into Smith.

Q39. What is mulch?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  "Mulching is a process of inbred fertilization which employs certain
decomposed organic materials -including, but not limited to animal sediment-
to blanket an area in which vegetation is desired. The procedure enriches
the soil for stimulated plant development while, at the same time,
preventing erosion and decreasing the evaporation of moisture from the
ground." (BooK)

Q41. What happened to the Arana?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  It was given alipuz (in #52) and was therefore drunk. Then it was
sliced, and cut and killed and mulched (woops) and killed again. But Groo
forgot to tell Chakaal that he was the Prince of Chichester (nope), he'd
like to marry her (no, no what did he forget to say ?)... that he saw a few
hundreds (thousands) of Aranbas' eggs. ("Ignorance weaves a web from which
noone can escape" (approximate moral)).  (BooK)

Q48. How did Groo pull his tooth?   (Randall Allsup)


Q53. What happened to Groo?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  Groo happened. Isn't it bad enough ?   (BooK)

Q66. Why would anyone steal Rufferto?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  For his extremely valuable collar.  (BooK)

Q77. What happened to Grooella's hair?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  Once upon a time, they were blond. But, as I said Groo (and various
dragons and lightning) happened.  (BooK)

Q88. What happened to Taranto's other horn?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  It was cut by Groo in a fray.  (BooK)

Q89. Where did the Sirenas live? (Randall Allsup)
A:The Sirenas live "inside the island, in a lagoon within the mountain!"
Though, the townfolk who were terrorized by Las Sirenas thought they were
demons who came out of the lake in a dragon.  Issue #50, title: "Chakaal

Q93. What did the natives trade Ajax for nails?    (Randall Allsup)

A:  Gold. And Groo gaves the natives the nails from Ahax boat. Which,
needless to say, sinked.  (BooK)

Q101. Did I err?   (Randall Allsup)

A:  Yes you gave two questions numbered 37 (Simon  Passey)

QDrumm.  Name an issue number where Groo appears: (Erik Petersen)
			A) nude
			B) as a cowboy
			C) as a superhero
			D) as an astronaut
QSage.  Where has Sergio drawn Groo in new non-Groo material released this
year?(Erik Petersen)