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Well, seems like ithis mail didn't get to the list, so here it is 

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> Basically, Hans-Christian has got it 98% right so I think I'll let him
> have it if he can tell us all whether this issue was before or after
> issue 100

Well, thanks! But I found the issue!!
It is number 110, and the story is called "Creature of the Night"
It is, btw, a great story!

Somebody suggested that we have no more than 10  questions, so this 
would then be the 1st question in The Great Groo Quiz vol. 3, or 
perhaps question number 7463 of vol. 2:

How any times does Groo try to sink the "unsinkable" pirate ship, and 
how many boats does he sink in the process?

Hans-Christian Prytz

"And so it begins."
- Ambassador Kosh