Groo miniatures

A couple of people wrote and asked about the miniatures I asked

I have 4 sets.  All are from Dark Horse, and are marked as sets 1-4
(catalog numbers 701-704).  All are listed as "25mm miniatures" and
seem to be made of some kind of lead alloy.

The first set has a generic card (red with a Dark Horse logo) and
contains Groo, Rufferto, Chakaal, the Sage, and the Minstrel.

The second set has the same type of card and contains Taranto, the
witch, Arcadio, and Groo doing what Groo does best.

The third set has a special Groo card with Aragones art on the
front and back (copyright 1986), and a Mark Evanier poem.  This
one contains young Groo, Groella, Gravito, and Sergio himself
holding a giant pencil.

The fourth set has an identical card and contains "Wenches &
Warriors" (2 of each).

That's all I know about them.  I bought them in 1986 or 1987,
and I have no idea how much I paid for them.

I'm curious to know how many sets were made and how much they
might be worth, but I'm not particularly interested in selling
them at this time.

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