Dear Groodles of Noodles,

    I am doing a short project on Sergio, but I don't have any 
biographical information and can't find ANY ANYWHERE!  I have been a 
groo-fan since I could understand ridiculous humor (around 1987) and have 
seen his art in MAD.  I understand that he introduced Groo in Destroyer 
Duck in 1982, but is Destroyer Duck his comic?  Also when did he start 
drawing for MAD?  Has he done lots of other things? All these and more I 
desperately need by late tonight so I can draw a comic about him for art 
    I just dug out my Groo collection (only ones from Epic) (earliest one 
being #25) and re-read a whole bunch of them and realized that they are a 
riot and that it's too bad I had them all pretty much memorized.  Oh 
well.  I won't waste your time any more. Thanks if you reply!

Arlo in Maine

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