Re: 100 subscribers!

At 20:02 01.01.97 -0800, you wrote:
>Hey everybody, say hello to arlo@midcoast.com who became the 100th person
>to subscribe to the Groop. Well, actually, more have subscribed than that 
>at one time or another, but only temporarily. Currently there are only 100
>on the list and arlo was the one who made it that number! Ringing in the
>new year with at least triple digits fans out there who want groo back!
>Happy New Years!

Hi arlo@midcoast.com :) and *CHEER* to all of the 100 persons on this list!
Let's go on celebrate with a lots of cheesedip and some frays... :) And yes,
YES, let's all hope he'll (Groo of course...who else?) will be back before
we can say "the duke of chicss.." ahem... "the duke of chichssy.." *cough
cough* "the duke of chestyst..." argh..."the duke of cishty..." hmm... guess
you know what I'm trying to say...

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