Sergiography Updated.

I checked a couple library catalogues and the Library of Congress telnet 
site and found a few new (interesting) additions.  Here they are:

*The Unofficial Sergiography*
(All Groo appearances in "The Groo Section")

  Amazing World of DC 6 (May 1975, DC)
        Illustration of Gaines/Orlando for article on Orlando 
  Aragones 3-D (1989, The 3-D Zone)
	Neato 3-D book
  Bat Lash 1, 3 - 7 (Nov 1968 - Nov 1969, DC)
        Plots.  Also character sketches in #7.
        (#2 is credited to Cardy)
  The Best Comics of the Decade vol. 2 (1990, Fantagraphics Books)
	"Fair Exchange" mime story
  Best of DC 60 (May 1985, DC)
        Various PLOP reprints (I'll list them for you later)
  Big Bad Mad-Oct 96-Super Special 116 (Oct 1996)
	Marginalia...random and "Stipud" on pp55-56.
  The Big Book of Hoaxes (Factoid Books/Paradox Press, 1996)
	3 page story
  Buzz & Bell Space Cadets #1 (1991, Platinum Editions)
        Wordless space gags
  Captain Victory 6 (Sept 82, Pacific)
        Two Groo ads, probably same as the ones in Starslayer
  Cerebus 155 (Feb 1992, Aardvark-Vanaheim)
        An Aragones/Sim auction drawing of Groo/Cerebus
  Chipmunks & Squirrels #1 (Dec 1994, Original Syndicate Inc)
	By Michael Aushenker.  Forward and intro drawings by Sergio.
  Comics and conversation : using humor to elicit conversation and 
    develop vocabulary (1985, Jag Publications)
  	By Joan Ashkenas with cartoons by Sergio Aragones. 
  Critters 50 (mar 1990, Fantagraphics Books Inc.)
        Catnippon backcover
  Crossfire 18, 19, 21 - 26 (Eclipse)
        Illustrations for Evanier's text page
  DC Superstars #13 (Apr. 1977, DC)
	Presents. . . "The Wild and Wacky World of Sergio Aragones" 
  Deadman:Reprint Series 4 (aug 1985)
        Co-writer for six page Neal Adams reprint
  Detective Comics 600 (May 1989, DC)
        Batman pinup
  DNAgents 9 (Feb 1984, Eclipse)
        Illustration of DNAgents on letter page
  Frost tpb 1
        Illustration of Frost

	***Groo The Wanderer Section

  Albedo 3 (april 1985)
        Illustrated letter with Groo/Usagi
  Amazing Heroes 61 (Dec 1984, Fantagraphics)
        Cover and article (with more art) on Groo
  The Comic Book Greats "Sergio Aragones" (Excelsior Productions for 
    Stabur Home Video, 1991)
  	Video of Sergio 'in the studio' hosted by Stan Lee
  The Comics Journal #128 (Apr. 1989, Fantagraphics Books Inc.)
	Excellent Sergio interview  with various Groo illustrations 
  Comic Reader #210 (April 1983, Street Enterprises)
        Groo cover
  Destroyer Duck 1 (1982, Eclipse)
        One page Groo backup story
  Epic Illustrated #27 (Dec. 1984, Marvel Comics Group)
	Groo preview article and "Kaleli" story 
  Epic Illustrated #31 (Aug. 1985, Marvel Comics Group)
	Groo Ad.  
  Famous Comic Book Creators Cards #65 (1991, Eclipse Enterprises)
	Groo on back. Promo only.
  Groo #1 - 8 (Pacific, Dec 1982 - Apr 1984)
  Groo Special #1 (Eclipse Enterprises, 1984)
	Originally scheduled to print under Pacific
  Groo #1 - 120 (Epic/Marvel Comics Group, Mar 1985-Jan 1995)
  Groo #1 - 12 (Image Comics, Dec 1994 - Nov 1995)
  Groo: Death of Groo (reprint) (1987, Epic Comics)
	Reprinted in '87, year of first print?
  Groo Poster (Marvel Press, 1988)
  Groo: Life of Groo (1989, Epic Comics)
	Reprinted in 1995 by Graffiti Designs 
  Groo Pins 1-6 (Graffiti Designs, 1989)
	Re-issued in 1996?
  Groo Chronicles #1 - 6 (Epic, 1989)
	Reprints of Pacific #1-8	
  The Groo Chronicles Hard Cover (1990, Graphitti Designs)
  	The expensive, limited(1500), and signed by A&E edition. Reprints 1-6. 
  Groo Trade Paper Backs #1-7 (1990-1993, Epic Comics)
	The Groo Adventurer, Bazaar, Carnival, Dynasty, Expose, Festival,
  	and Garden. Each reprinted 4 Epic issues starting at #1.
  Groo T-Shirts 1-4 (Graphitti) 
  Groo Cards 1-153 (Image/WS(?), 1995)
	+ background art for IG1-IG9
  Groo Miniatures #1-5 (Dark Horse Miniatures, 1982?)
	5 sets of lead miniature figures of Groo and Friends.  Impossible
	to find! 
  Groo Sculpture #1 (Graffiti Designs, 1996)
	Limited Edition (700) cold-cast sculpture of Groo and Rufferto in
	"Cheese Dip?" 
  Hollywood Superstars #1, 2 (Nov 1989, Jan 1990, Marvel/Epic)
	Little Groos in the illustrations for Evanier's column
  Marvel Age #24 (March 1984, Marvel)
	Groo cover & "A look at Aragones' Groo"  
  Marvel Age #49 (Apr. 1986, Marvel)
	Groo cover & article 
  Marvel Age #73 (Apr. 1989, Marvel)
	Groo cover & ad. on back cover & article 
  Marvel Age #85 (1990, Marvel)
  Marvel Age #96 (Jan. 1991, Marvel)
	Groo cover 
  Marvel Age #109 (Feb. 1992, Marvel)
	Groo cover
  Starslayer #4 (Aug. 1982, Pacific Comics)
	Groo ad. on back cover 
  Starslayer #5 (Nov. 1982, Pacifc Comics)
	Groo backup story and subscription advertisement

	***End of Groo Section
  Harvey Kurtzman's strange adventures (1990, Epic Comics)
	Writen and illustrated by Harvey Kurtzman with Sergio Aragones.
  Hollywood Superstars 1 - 5 (Marvel/Epic, Nov 1989, Jan-Apr 1990 )
        Illustrations for Evanier's column
  House of Mystery 185, 186, 194, 196, 199, 200, 229, 251 (1967?, 
    National Periodical Publications (DC Comics))
  In The Days of the Mob 1 (1971, publisher?)
        Two pages of gags, "Kill Joy Was Here"
  "Laugh-in Revival"
	A TV show with Sergio
  Mad #76 (Jan. 1963, E.C. Publications Inc.)
	First Sergio appearance in MAD, "A Mad Look At The US Space
  Mad #76 - present (Jan. 1963-??, E.C. Publications Inc.)
	Various stories and marginals 
  Mad's Sergio Aragones on parade (1982, Warner Books)
	Reprinted from 1978 edition by E.C. Publications.
  The Mighty Magnor 1-6 (Apr. 1993 - Jan? 1994, Malibu Comics)
	#1 came as either a pop-out cover or a regular cover.
  "Norman, Is That You?"
	A movie with an appearance by Sergio 
  Our Army At War 295 - 296 (Aug/Sep 1976)
        "War Games" one pagers
  Plop #1-22, 24 (Sept/Oct 1973 - Nov/Dec 1976, DC)
	Anthology parody book (sort of like MAD)
  San Diego Comic Con 1993 Pin (1993, Comic Con International)
  San Diego Comic Con 1996 Volunteer T-Shirt (July 1996, Comic Con 
  Sandman Special 1 (1991, DC)
        Cain&Abel page
  Sergio Aragones on Parade (Apr 1979, E.C. Publications Inc.)
        160 page collection of work from MAD, with some new work
  Sergio Destroys DC 1 (1996, DC)
  Sergio Massacres Marvel 1 (1996, Marvel)
  Sgt. Rock 302 (Mar 1977, DC)
  Sgt. Rock 304 (May 1977, DC)
        "War Games" one pagers
  Sgt. Rock (Reprint) 8 (1990, DC)
        Two "War Games" one pagers, including the one from OAW #296
  Showcase 76 (Aug 1968, DC)
        First Bat Lash, plot
  Smokehouse Five (1991,Platinum Editions)
	Wordless fire fighter gags
  Sojourn magazine with T.C. Mars (year?,publisher?)
	issue #? content?
  "Speak Up America" with Jayne Kennedy
	Was Sergio on this TV show?
  Spirit World 1 (1971, DC)
        One page of gags, "Weird Humor" 
  TMNT/Conservation Corps 1 (1992, Archie)
        Conservation Corps pinup
  "To Kill A Stranger"
	A movie with (not starring) Sergio
  Usagi Yojimbo 11 (Sep 1988, Fantagraphics Books)
        Catnippon short story
  Usagi Yojimbo 33 (April 1992, Fantagraphics Books)
        Plot for main story
  Usagi Yojimbo v2 16 (Oct 1995, Mirage)
        Illustration in letter column
  Usagi Yojimbo Book Seven (1996. Fantagraphics Books)
 	Foreword by Sergio and a half-page illustration
  Viva Mad (year?, E.C. Publications?)
  Wild Animals 1 (Dec 1982, Pacific)
        "A 'Short' Story", two pages
  WonderCon 9 Program (April 1995, Wondercon)
  Wonder Woman 50 (Jan 1991, DC)
        WW pinup
  The World's Best Dirty Limericks (1982, L. Stuart)
  	Drawings by Sergio.
 There was a four page "Magnor" story serialized in various Malibu
 books one month.  I don't have all of them, so I don't know which
 page appears in which books, except that I think I only got three
 of the four in the books I did get.  Anyway, each of these has one
 of the pages. All Oct 1993, Malibu.
  Exiles 3
  Firearm 2
  Freex 4
  Hardcase 5
  Mantra 4
  Night Man 1
  Prime 5
  Prototype 3
  Sludge 1
  Solution 2
  Strangers 5

	Sergio had some kind of involvement with the following comics:
Angel the Ape, Binky and His Friends, Inferior Five, and Jerry Lewis.  But
that's all I know. 

*Compiled by Ruben Arellano (rubena@unixg.ubc.ca) 
*Last updated January 7, 1996

	Please send me any additions, corrections, criticisms, etc. But
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