Re: Re: International appeal (: (from downunder)

>Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 21:24:29 +0100
>To: Kevin S Hall <Kevin.Hall@ummed.edu>
>From: Tore Pettersen <torepett@sn.no>
>Subject: Re: international appeal :)
>At 14:43 08.01.97 -0500, you wrote:
>>I just noticed in the recent emails to the list that people were writing 
>>in from Britain, Norway, etc. Don't know why, but it warms my heart that 
>>Sergio, Mark & Co. have such a widespread appeal. :) Or maybe it's just 
>>that nose with the little fellow attached that deserves all the 
>>credit...? Nah! :)
>Guess humor and laughter is something that is equal all around the world,
and Sergio&Mark sure know how to deal with that! So I give my international
greetings to all you around the world:
>To all of you, from all of me (I'm from Norway)

Way to go, namesake.  But, hey Kevin, don't forget all of us down here in the 
southern hemisphere...  
GROO was very international, unlike Magnor that had lots of jokes that you had 
to be from the USA to understand! (Serg Arg Destroys DC and Massacres Marvel 
suffered from this too).

100 down, the world to go..

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