Re: You Know You're A Groopie When...

Hi guys/grrls!

You Know You're A Groopie When ...

* You've never bought cheesedip b4 reading Groo comic books, but you've
  bought one now to see what it tastes like.

* You have every single Groo comic book ever made and you know they're
  not making any more right now, but you check the back issue bin at the
  comic shop anyway.

* You're also known as "cheesedip", "scribe", etc.

* You start writing Groo jokes.

On to more serious stuff ...

How much goo could a Groo groop grew,
if a Groo group could grew goo?!?

Okay, maybe not.  :)

There's a picture (drawn by Sergio) of Rufferto, Alfred E. Neuman,
and Sergio, dated 1989, on the wall at Beacon's restaurant in
Pearlridge, Hawaii.  Also, Mark Cohen has a picture of himself and
Sergio in his office in Santa Rosa, California.  He has the world's
largest collection of cartoonist self-caricatures.  (So, Sergio is
included in the collection.)

See ya later.


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From: Lia Bulaong <bula@tridel.com.ph>

Hey guys,

You Know You're A Groopie When...

... whenever you make a mistake (I know it's hard to believe, but no,  I'm
not perfect <g>), you find yourself asking "Did I err?"

... you tend to look carefully at small spotted dogs because maybe, just
maybe you might strike it rich and find Rufferto (and his diamond collar)
sans Groo

... you snicker whenever you see cheesedip in the grocery store

:] Lia, who is suffering from the effects of too much eggnog

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