Re: Re: Groo / library

On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Rufus T. Firefly wrote:

> > I've never written in to any comic, but there was one time a little while 
> > back I was sorely tempted: the Groo learns to read story arc. Don't know 
> > how that went over with the rest of you, but it was one of my ABSOLUTE 
> > favorites across ALL comics (humor, adventure, whatever). When Groo (VERY 
> > pissed at the time) came out of the burning library, it was better than 
> > Arnie, Rambo, and the rest combined. I'd love to see a poster or 
> > something of that some time. It was VERY inspiring (especially if you'd 
> > read the 3 or 4 issues leading up to it). Anyway, like I said, I don't 
> > write in to the comics, but I've been wanting to say something about that 
> > issue for a while...seemed like you guys might understand. :) Take care all.
> 	I agree.  That page very nearly brings tears to my eyes when I 
> read it, particularly since I hold books and libraries to be near-sacred 
> things to begin with.
> 	--Rob Rose (pinniped@netcom.com)

I very much agree with both of you. That panel and the whole story was
great. The more moving was to see our prefered senseless brute (whom we
have learned to like along the time) feel what was really important about
books and, for once, disregard a fray compared to the fate of the burning
library. Yes that was a very moving story, and the most moving maybe was
to see that, finally one way or the other, some sense entered Groo's
mind... ;)


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