miniatures - The Lost Crate

ah, the fabled miniatures...
I think Ruben said it pretty well.
The Search for the Lost Crate of Groo Miniatures
could be a movie.

But, there must be some records somewhere of Dark
Horse. The existence of a company and the people
in it are a matter of public record. We need to
find out where the company was located. The money
trail is also a matter of public record. The IRS
seems to leave no stone unturned.  Perhaps there
is even a list of the people (distributors, toy
stores, etc.) who bought the Groo miniatures with
the intent to sell them to the public. It might
even be possible to trace some of those buyers and
see if they ever sold all the figures.  If we
could find any of the people involved, maybe they
could help us. Even if they are in jail, they
might help. The company is almost for sure
separate from the sculptor who did the original
works.  Let's find that sculptor and see if there
are any originals in existence. Let's see if we
can find the molds. We might even be able to make
some more. 

Indiana Jones wouldn't just give up!  We can do
it. We span the globe. We are Groopers! (ta da)
and Groopers don't know the meaning of the word
'homeless', I mean 'hopelse', I mean 'hopless', I
mean ... 'hopeless'.  

>>> Ruben J. Arellano <rubena@unixg.ubc.ca>
01/09/97 09:51am >>>
On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, oddman wrote:

> I would like to buy a set of Groo miniatures.
Anybody have any
> suggestions? Does anyone know the adress of Dark
Horse miniatures?

	I think I speak for everyone when I say:
"Good luck!".  In all my  years of searching, I've
only ever met *one* person who *used* to have 
*one* of the miniatures (not even a set).  They
are *very* difficult to  find.  Only recently did
someone turn up on this list who had 4 of the 5 
sets.  Dark Horse Miniatures is no longer in

	I think we're all hoping that the 'lost
crate' will turn up. . .