Re: Re: International appeal (: (from downunder)

>Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 20:02:04 +0100
>To: Kevin S Hall <Kevin.Hall@ummed.edu>
>From: Tore Pettersen <torepett@sn.no>
>Subject: Re: Re: International appeal (: (from downunder)
>>I've never written in to any comic, but there was one time a little while 
>>back I was sorely tempted: the Groo learns to read story arc. Don't know 
>>how that went over with the rest of you, but it was one of my ABSOLUTE 
>>favorites across ALL comics (humor, adventure, whatever). When Groo (VERY 
>>pissed at the time) came out of the burning library, it was better than 
>>Arnie, Rambo, and the rest combined. I'd love to see a poster or 
>>something of that some time. It was VERY inspiring (especially if you'd 
>>read the 3 or 4 issues leading up to it). Anyway, like I said, I don't 
>>write in to the comics, but I've been wanting to say something about that 
>>issue for a while...seemed like you guys might understand. :) Take care all.
>Funny you should mention that issue, I re-read it here yesterday. And as
Rob Rose mentioned here, it acctually brought a tear to my eye when he
fetches his swords inside the burning library, ready to 'seek and destroy'.
>I have actually found a picture of that scene, when he is standing in front
of the library, but it is (sadly enough) without the burning library in the
background, and just Groo standing in front of a red background.
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