i know this question has been asked before, but apart from being a:
interpreter, interlocutor, cryptographer, amanuensis, ..., ..., anticualtor,
scholiast, phraseologist, cryptanalyst, explanator, synoptist, dialogist,
paraphraser, transliterator, renderer, depurator, accompanist, lyrist,
prompter, lackey, unequivicator, conditioner, banderillero, traductor, aide,
adjutant, traditionist, transilluminator, dehaverel, prolocutor,
denubilater, enunciator, alchemist, ..., chef de cuisine, trainer,
deobscurant, person running out of funny credit lines, logolept,
engastrimyth, gastriloquist, opisthographer, logastellus, recoctor, gerent,
sillographer, factotum, tregetour, nomancer, ripieno, musard, sgraffitist,
haberdasher, fed up with writing poems, still employed, circumlocutionist,
fiftiest, signetor, araneologist, dragon wrangler, shipmaster, ecologist,
poet laureate, stevedore, verger, helper, land baron, equine unit manager,
large jockey, realtor, palatine, mulching consultant, morphemist, enabler,
reptile choreographer, canalizer, model, semasiologist, wizard of words,
enhancer, jongleur, nicenellyist, blaterator, writer, librarian, head monk,
palatine, lipsanographer, punnologist, glad it's over, manipulator,
twaddleizer, doorman, behind schedule, wrangler, spiritual leader, for the
defense, gladiator, baby sitter, working with a cold, healthy person,
leaving for san diego tomorrow, shill, pestilence specialist, up all night,
teller of tales, funambulist, wordsmith, joke manager, warden, realtor,
lector, campaign manager, swill chef, independent, special prosecutor,
embalmer, rhyming fool, chemist, meteorologist, ornithologist, bird watcher,
whatever he does, word guy, writer, writer, munitioneer, fellow refugee,
warlock, haberdasher, water boy, strategist, munitioneer, border guard,
warlord, best of breed, flotation device, croupier, and vengeance seeker,
what the hell is it exactly that mark evanier does?

the ...'s are for the 3 issues i am lacking