miniatures -Reply

I bought a set in 1987 and have been trying to
find more ever since.  The set I bought was
tragically missing Rufferto, so you see, I simply
HAD to get more.  But, no luck. Dark Horse has
been out of business for years. Further confusing
things is another company called Dark Horse (which
I called) that isn't connected in any way to the
company that made the Groo figures.(They make cold
cast Predators and stuff.) Even Mark Evanier
didn't get a complete set. It seems the people who
ran Dark Horse stiffed Sergio and Mark, so they
probably don't want to be found. I would gladly
contribute $10 towards a detective. The only hope
is that some tiny backwater hobby store has some
hanging on the back of a rack (behind an ogre or
something) in the back of the store. If you think
finding back issues of Groo comics is tough, get
ready for a real challenge. I am still looking. 
It is my life's goal. If you find ANY, buy them
all. You can for sure sell them to the Groopers.
The people on this distribution are the world's
leading experts on Groo. If they don't have the
miniatures, it is not for lack of trying. 

>>> oddman <oddman@hyperisland.se> 01/09/97
04:32am >>>
I would like to buy a set of Groo miniatures.
Anybody have any suggestions? Does anyone know the
adress of Dark Horse miniatures?