Re: miniatures

On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Ruben J. Arellano wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, oddman wrote:
> > I would like to buy a set of Groo miniatures. Anybody have any
> > suggestions? Does anyone know the adress of Dark Horse miniatures?
> 	I think I speak for everyone when I say: "Good luck!".  In all my 
> years of searching, I've only ever met *one* person who *used* to have 
> *one* of the miniatures (not even a set).  They are *very* difficult to 
> find.  Only recently did someone turn up on this list who had 4 of the 5 
> sets.  Dark Horse Miniatures is no longer in existence.  

	Hmmm...I had no idea I had such a rare commodity on my hands.  I 
was given two of the sets by a friend who worked in a game & model shop, 
many years back.  I don't have the original packaging, of course, and 
they are doubtless somewhat the worse for wear after a decade or more of 
being stored with all my *other* lead miniatures.  (And no, I'm not 
particularly interested in selling them...)  I don't know which sets, but 
the figures include two Groos, Chaakal, the Sage (and Mulch), the 
Minstrel, Arcadio, and I think possibly Tarranto.

	What I am very sorry about is that I used to have a close friend 
who was one of Tom Luth's best friends.  (Well, I don't regret that I had 
the friend of course....) (If you ever want to watch Tom 
Luth squirm, ask him about the "Phantasmic Four" comic strip he used to 
do for the CSULB _Union_.  Heh.)  I conceived the idea of seeing if he 
could get Tom to paint the figures for me.  Now *that* would be worth 
owning, no?  But I never got around to it, and I haven't seen my friend 
in several years.  (I've actually seen Tom Luth more recently, as he 
usually turns up at the San Diego Comic-Con, but we're only nodding 
acquaintances.  I wonder if he still remembers that I broke a piece of 
his furniture...)

	Enough name-dropping for one message!  Be seeing you!  

		--Rob Rose (pinniped@netcom.com)

P.S.  WHAT pirates?!?!?