The good news: I went to the comic store today and
bought the two remaining shirts (I bought one for
me months ago)
The bad news: five people have already asked for

I promised to be more descriptive of the shirts.
The shirt is white, short-sleeved Fruit of the
Loom with a "Sponsored by Diamond Comic
Distributors" message on the left sleave. On the
back it says in big black letters, "I Support The
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund". The picture on the
front is of Groo doing what Groo does best and
some other armed guys busting through a door
attacking some unarmed scribe-types. At the bottom
of the graphic is a circular title that says,
"Groo And The Thought Patrol. It has an Aragones
87 copyright symbol at the bottom right corner.
The graphic is very colorful and precisely done.
It looks very good. The cost each was US$20.00.

So, let me think: two shirts, five people
That's 0.4 shirts per person....mmmmmm
But, one is Large and one is XLarge, that
complicates the math considerably. I guess I need
to take the integral of the coefficient of the . .
. . . never mind

The order of response was: Simon Passey, John
Astill, Phillipe Bruhat, Ruben Arellano, and Tore
Pettersen. That is the order I will use to send
the shirts unless someone decides they don't
really want one. I absolutely refuse to start a
bidding war. One thing you might want to consider
if you live outside the US is that the postage
will be added to the price. Shirts are light and
easily packed but it will still cost about US$5.00
to Europe or Australia. Fast mail will be more.

The response is somewhat surprising since I sent
out a post a few months ago that the shirts were
available. Nobody wanted one at that time. I
apologize if I gave the impression that there were
enough shirts to go around. Please respond if you
are still interested.