GROO game on the way!

This guy sent me this message yesterday that he was making a groo game,
but I was in disbelief (Groo being all out of circulation and all) and
asked for more info before telling you guys and he sent me this today! He
is Ken Whitman (whitman@pensys.com) and the vice president of archangel
P.s. I am all for Sergio drawing something! Mark, whatcha think? I'm in
LA and could pick it up and get the t-shirts made (such a martyr, I guess
I'd just have to keep the original art myself then?)

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Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 15:31:24 -0500
From: Ken Whitman <whitman@pensys.com>
To: Josh Jones <josh@destro.newdream.net>

Archangel is a company, located in Lake Geneva, WI, that produced
Role-Playing & Card Games.  I have been working with Sergio and Mark over
the last few months.  I original designed the game over a year ago after
bring Sergio to GEN CON 95'. At that time I was working for TSR, Inc.,
maker of Dungons and Dragons. I left to work on new exciting projects like
GROO: The Game.  Here is some promo material we are sending retailers at
this time.  Hope it helps.. If you have any further questions, do not
hesatae to e-mail me.

Sergio Aragones GROO: The Game

The world's greatest warrior is coming to your store in May...

>From the longest running Marvel/Epic comic and one of the hottest new Image
books comes everyone's favorite bungling barbarian, GROO! The game is just
like the book-GROO means bad news! Players try to keep GROO away from their
town as they build their community and recruit an army. Unfortunately, GROO
can always find a way to diminish any player's hope of winning. This fast
paced game of "Hot Potato" will amuse everyone who stands in GROO's way!

GROO: The Game comes with 100 cards, seven dice, and a rule book.  Designed
for 2 to 6 players, the card combinations are endless. The average
fun-filled game lasts 30 to 40 minutes and caters to kids of all ages above
10 (as well as cheese dip lovers of any age).  Supplies are limited, so
don't be a mendicant- Reserve your copies today!

GROO: The Game-3000     $16.95
GROO: The Game Display (6)-3001 $101.70


See ya,

Ken Whitman