Re: tshirts are gone

Hi guys/grrls!

How 'bout asking Sergio to draw a design for
t-shirts for the mailing list?  He drew one for
the volunteers at the San Diego Comic Con, where
grew was snoozing under a tree (when he's supposed
to be working).  It was like totally awesome!!!
Wish I had one.  =)

See ya!  Bye!


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From: Randall Allsup <rallsup@wpo.borland.com>

We should be able to make our own tshirts.
If this groop could ever decide on a graphic,
Sergio and Mark would probably allow us to get
them made (for our own use!).  I know a company in
Santa Cruz that can make a great graphic out of
anything we can build in a JPEG or GIF file. I got
some great tshirts made for Christmas presents for
about US$17 per shirt.

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