Re: Tshirts

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Eric Chun wrote:

> How 'bout asking Sergio to draw a design for
> t-shirts for the mailing list?  He drew one for
> the volunteers at the San Diego Comic Con, where
> grew was snoozing under a tree (when he's supposed
> to be working).  It was like totally awesome!!!

Yes, that would be greaaat! :))
And we wouldn't have any problems with the rights...
I would say that:
1) We should ask (through Mark) if Sergio can draw something for the groop
   future awesome T-Shirt,
2) The guy who'll make the scan, should use the highest rez as he can
And also ask:
3) Who'll make/buy/send the shirts?
4) What pirates?


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