Re: tshirts are gone

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Eric Chun wrote:

> How 'bout asking Sergio to draw a design for
> t-shirts for the mailing list?  He drew one for
> the volunteers at the San Diego Comic Con, where
> grew was snoozing under a tree (when he's supposed
> to be working).  It was like totally awesome!!!
> Wish I had one.  =)

	Don't remind me!  Every year for the past half-dozen or so I've 
done staff work for ComicCon and gotten the volunteer T-shirt.  I decided 
to take 1996 off, so naturally, that was the year of the Groo shirts!  I 
was /so/ pissed off....oh well.  I guess I erred. :)

	--Rob Rose (pinniped@netcom.com)