Why I'm here...

I've been on this list for a while, and I've been silent.  The reason is,
I know barely anything about Groo.  Than why am I on this list?
	Before a few months ago, I had spent every night I can remember
at my grandma's house.  I remember every morning, my grandma would take
me into her room, get out her purse, and give me a couple dollars.  My
uncle would walk me up to the corner store, and I'd buy the latest Groo
comic book.  (In the weeks between I'd buy candy and pop).  I'd spend the
day reading and rereading it.  After my uncle moved out, this tradition
stopped.  But I still had my comics at her house to read.  In time, I've
lost touch with them, and the comics were lost.  But I always remembered
	My grandma died a few months ago.  When I learned of this list,
it brought back memories not just of Groo, but of my grandma. 
	I've decided to get back in touch with these comics I'd loved
earlier in life thanks to you.

	Ryan "Anthropomorphism" Estrada