Re: other t-shirts

On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, salladin@frontiernet.net wrote:

> Graffiti Designs released 4 Groo t shirts; i have one with groo
> brandishing a sword, a two sided with groo about to be attacked by an
> army, i have seen one with Groo fiending for some cheese dip.  what is
> the design on the fourth t-shirt?

Probably the Image one. With Groo falling through the shirt (as if he
leaned against a paper  wall) and the text: "I bought Groo #1. Did I err?"

> and what were the groo pins?  i have groo, sage, and minstrel.  what am
> i missing?

Mmm. Rufferto, Chakaal and Taranto.

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