The Groop T-Shirts...

Hi all,

OK, I'll describe what I think we should do about the Groop T-Shirt.

1) Prepare it very seriously.
2) Have someone to get the names and nicknames of every groopie
   interested by the shirt.
3) Have some other (or the same) person to make contacts with a T-Shirt
   shop. I must say that I think we should want the best quality as we
   can. (like the graffiti ones would be great, but I doubt we can get it
   for so few T-shirts. How many shirts you think the groop will want ?)
4) Ask Sergio if he could draw something for us, and maybe, why not ask
   Mark a little poem for us... If they do this one especially for us, I
   don't think there will be any rights problem. (Mark?) And ask Tom to
   color it, and Stan to letter it, of course.
5) Have someone to work on the design of the shirt (I am ready to do that,
   I someone can give me a veryveryhighhighrez gif/tif/oranythingelse (no
   jpeg, we don't want to lose any bit of information, do we ?)
6) Get the list of the groopies who'll buy the shirt, and print that list
   on the back of the shirt.
7) I think maybe we should had Sergio, Mark, Stan and Tom names at the end
   of the list (why not handwritten (by their own hands) and GIVE a shirt
   to each one of them, even if Mark is the only one on the list.
8) Have a web page giving the design of the T-Shirt before we print it, to
   be sure every little groopie likes it.
9) Print it, and pay the guy/gal who'll have them made.
10) Get them, and wear them proudly, with the Groop badges!

Well, now it's your turn: give in your ideas and critics...
I hope we'll be able to make that shirt!...

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 It matters not how grand your plans when they are built on a faulty
 foundation.                        (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #19 (Epic))