[Groop]: Re: Tshirts

At 23:12 10.01.97 +0100, you wrote:
>And err,
>I would had that we should print on the back of the shirt the list of the
>people of the groop who asked for the tshirt (and bought it).
>Full name and nickname, but maybe no e-mails (they change so often...)


>You know something like :
>                     Proud member of the GROOP
>                   along with these other fools
>	Josh Jones	Eric Chun	(Tore Peterson) --> Kristian Pettersen
>	Randall		Lia		BooK
>	etc...		etc..		etc...
>The order should be the order of the email in the list's list...
>The oldest and more venerable groopies first, sort of...
>So what do you think of it ?

I think the idea is great! Just one thing, I think I've said this before,
but...: My name is *NOT* Tore Pettersen, he's just the one owning this email
account, my name is KRISTIAN PETTERSEN (yes, he is a relative, my father :)

But yes, the idea is great! 


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