Re: The Groop T-Shirts...

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, BooK wrote:

> Or Front "I am a groopie. [drawing] Did I err?"
>    Back  "But, well, so did these folks..."
> For the drawing itself, I think Sergio has enough imagination to find the
> right thing to do all by himself, no? And, if he lacks info about the
> groop, Mark can still help him a lot, having read most of our
> stupidities...

	Agreed.  That's what I originally thought when someone mentioned 
designing a drawing for Sergio to do (or that was how I interpreted it).  

	But, in my opinion, I do think it is rather pre-mature to get all
worked up about a T-Shirt, when Sergio and Mark haven't even agreed to it
yet.  It seems to me like some people are expecting that Sergio will do a
drawing specifically for us. . . .  I'm just happy that we have the Groop,
and that Mark Evanier is kind enough to poke his head in here once in a
while.  Maybe, with time, when the Groop has earned enough of their
respect, Sergio & Mark will pay us the honour of helping out with a
T-shirt.  Just my 2 sense. . . 


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