Re: The Groop T-Shirts... -Reply

Hi Groop,

Ruben is right.
We shouldn't get all worked up about the tshirt
action. Sergio or Mark could say no. The two of
them are being real nice about the web pages and
stuff, but there's no compelling reason for them
to let us use their trademarked stuff. 

Besides, there is a big difference between:
1) one of us getting permission to take a scan
down to a screenprinter, and
2) getting Sergio to draw totally new art just for
us and getting Mark to write a new poem and
getting Rufferto to chew his autograph on all the
shirts and getting Groo to spill swill on them . .
. . 

Let's try to keep it real easy for them to say
"yes".  The more grandiose the plan, the less
chance that anything will get done.


>>> Ruben J. Arellano <rubena@unixg.ubc.ca>
01/13/97 02:07pm >>>
... But, in my opinion, I do think it is rather
pre-mature to get all worked up about a T-Shirt,
when Sergio and Mark haven't even agreed to it
yet.  It seems to me like some people are
expecting that Sergio will do a drawing
specifically for us. . . .  I'm just happy that we
have the Groop, and that Mark Evanier is kind
enough to poke his head in here once in a while. 
Maybe, with time, when the Groop has earned enough
of their respect, Sergio & Mark will pay us the
honour of helping out with a
T-shirt.  Just my 2 sense. . .