Re: The Groop T-Shirts...

arlo wrote:
> The plan sounds solid, but we should come up with 'the little drawing'
> that sergio might do as a democratic body.  I have no idea what the
> drawing could be or even if it should be related to the groop--?  How
> about the phrase "I am *not* the prince of Chichester!"?

        How about "I belong to The Groop, did I err?"
        Then on the back. . . "So do these folks. . ."

The design could be a crowd of people at their computers with pictures
of Groo on the screens, as Groo and Rufferto try to get everyone's
attention on a stage in front of them (ie: the computer users don't
notice them because they're too engrossed with their Groop Grews!).

aka Scribe.

PS: a new term: Grout -- Groo-Drout!

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