Re: Groop Question

Hiya Arlo! Welcome to the Groop!

>I joined this group about a week and a half ago (proud joiner #100), and 
>expected to have a dead list with no one mailing.  I get about 12 groop 
>mailings a day!  Which led me to the question of: how long has this list 
>been active?

I don't know how long this list has been active (as in, how long it's been
around), but from experience, we go through cycles --- there are fun times
like the one that we're going through now when plenty of people post, and
then there are the dry spells that last for (what seems to be) ages and make
you wonder if you've been unsubbed without your knowing it... <g> Anyway,
it's a great list --- the topics are fun and the people are nice (flame-free
so far), so I hope you decide to stay!

:] Lia


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