Re: Groop Question (fwd)

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Arlo C. Jamrog wrote:

> I joined this group about a week and a half ago (proud joiner #100), and 
> expected to have a dead list with no one mailing.  I get about 12 groop 
> mailings a day!  Which led me to the question of: how long has this list 
> been active?

Well, it was started on September 27th, 1995, but the first person to join
was Ruben, who subscribed Thu, 28 Sep 1995 21:58:41 -0700. So I guess it's
been over a year already. And no Groo. BTW, I agree that as wonderful as
it would be to have a sergio drawing for a t-shirt, we should be happy if
they just give us permission to use something already made. I am a little
turned off by the "I'm on the Groop, did I err?" because it's a lot like
the Image one "I bought Groo #1, did I err?" which I already have :).

	Maybe we could design the shirt with that typical little picture
on the front left pocket, and a big design on the back. How about that
picture of Groo crawling out of the computer in Groo Grams Image #8 for
the little picture, with groo-l@hmc.edu under it for the front, and "The
Groop" on the back with the list, and some sort of Groo pic that is long
and skinny next to it.. like maybe one of him drowning below a sinking
ship or something. That's my vision. Input?

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