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On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, BooK wrote:

> I mean, this list isn't the place where bad guys advertise and sell false
> Groo T-shirts, ignoring the authors rights, and making a lot of money on
> their names, is it?
	It's *not*?  Damn! Anyone know where I can find that list? ;)

	BTW, time for more name-dropping: At the San Diego ComicCon a few 
years ago, I was helping set up for a panel ME was to be on, and when he 
arrived, one of us (I forget which) noticed that he and I were wearing 
exactly the same brand, style, and color of shoes!  Bow down before my 
awesomeness! BWAHAHAHA!

	Well, er, or, probably not.

	--Robert Rose (pinniped@netcom.com)

"Cartoon-themed travelling ice shows are your best entertainment value!"