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More noises of agreement with Ruben and Randall, and the economics of the 
exercise are also rather daunting.  By the time we get the shirts designed and 
printed, we're probably looking at 10 to 15 bucks a shirt.  Add 5 bucks postage, 
maybe 2 dollars insurance.  Now if we multiply that all by 100, and we need cash 
up front, we need a couple of grand!!!
	And what happens if 20 people join the Groop between now and the print 
run, do they get included? What happens if 20 people drop out of the Groop 
who've had their names on the shirt but won't pay for it any more?  What happens 
if people order the wrong size?  What happens if the Southern hemisphere 
T-shirts are all upside down? What happens if Marvel goes bust? (Oh, that's 
already happened)  What happens if Dan Quayle becomes President of the USA? (Dan 
Quayle must be a direct descendant of Groo, having no brawn and even less 
brain!!!). What happens to the Prince of Chichester?  What happened to the 
	How about we kill the T-shirt idea, and create a virtual "T-shirt" (worn 
by a virtual Groo?) on a web page, some sort of Groop specific design with a 
list of names of people, how long they've been in the groop, number of messages 
they've sent, whatever.. 
Cyberspace is so much simpler than the real world...
		Erik   (:

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Re: The Groop T-Shirts... -Reply