How I became #1 (well, #2 actually).

Joseph Jones wrote:

> Well, it was started on September 27th, 1995, but the first person to join
> was Ruben, who subscribed Thu, 28 Sep 1995 21:58:41 -0700. So I guess it's
> been over a year already. And no Groo. BTW, I agree that as wonderful as

	I suppose I should tell the story of how I become subscriber #1 (though
technically #2).  After rushing out to the comic store to pick up my
latest comics form my account, I immediately dove into the latest issue
of Groo.  The story was funny (same old joke though!), and the art was
great as per usual.  Then, as I read through the letters page, past all
the lunatic fans, past all of Mark's witty comebacks, and through Mark's
final words. I noticed a WWW page adress advertising Josh's Groo Page. 
I scribbled down the HTTP on the back of a Cheese Dip recipe and went to
	The next day, at Uni, I fired up the old Student Lab computer (the fast
one -- DX2-100!), and plugged the adress into Netscape.  And voila! 
There was Groo's glorious form on my screen.  I read through the
excellent info, including all the summaries, and thought "Gee, I should
send Josh summaries of other Groo stuff *I* have." (maybe one day he'll
put it on. Just nagging ya' Josh!)  Then I noticed a header that said
somethign about a Groo mailing list.  I said kewl, and I sent an e-mail
off to the list-server.  
	I soon found that there were few people posting on the Groo List, but
Josh kept me company.  But, eventually, people found their place in life
and joined The Groop, and the rest is well... history. (a little classic
Mark E. ending for ya').

	So there you have it.

aka Scribe.