Re: Groop Question (fwd)

Joseph Jones wrote:
>         Maybe we could design the shirt with that typical little picture
> on the front left pocket, and a big design on the back. How about that
> picture of Groo crawling out of the computer in Groo Grams Image #8 for
> the little picture, with groo-l@hmc.edu under it for the front, and "The
> Groop" on the back with the list, and some sort of Groo pic that is long
> and skinny next to it.. like maybe one of him drowning below a sinking
> ship or something. That's my vision. Input?

	Sounds good to me.  But I wouldd still rather wait a while, and see if
anything else comes up.  But, I could always be persuaded to buy one, I
suppose. :-}  On second thought, does there have to be a pocket?