again with the shirts

I'm also fairly new to the list but have been following the shirt
question. Mark said that the library scene was given to the comic
defense fund but this is not the library scene the list had been talking
about. The existing shirt shows Groo leading an attack on the
or whatever) not as in #100 ready to smite the treasure hunters and
arsonists;( not that I'm married to this one pic.)I'd be as happy with
one with Groo merrily going off to fray. Oh yeah, maybe that funny
looking spotted dog should be on there somewhere.
 I agree with the sentiments recently aired by Kevin, Randall and Ruben
that the real answers lie with Sergio and Mark.  Is what we're proposing
a tribute to a great comic team or are we asking an artist for a piece
of his creation?
 Bunny Trapp
from the great white north