Re: The Groop T-Shirts...

Hi all,

> 	But, in my opinion, I do think it is rather pre-mature to get all
> worked up about a T-Shirt, when Sergio and Mark haven't even agreed to it
> yet.  It seems to me like some people are expecting that Sergio will do a
> drawing specifically for us. . . .  I'm just happy that we have the Groop,
> and that Mark Evanier is kind enough to poke his head in here once in a
> while.  Maybe, with time, when the Groop has earned enough of their
> respect, Sergio & Mark will pay us the honour of helping out with a
> T-shirt.  Just my 2 sense. . . 

I agree with you. The first thing was to have a little order (I guess
that's what's it all about the Net: anarchy and chaos in the hands of fun/
strange people (most of the time)). I guess we know have it.

I don't know if we have yet earned Mark (and Sergio)'s respect. Mark must
have noticed yet that we have always tried to respect their rights as
authors (the screen saver, the pin with an image... raised these
questions). So he probably already knows we won't do these shirts (even on
our relatively small scale) if he or Sergio don't agree.

Then, I would say that we are asking quite boldly for
not just a signature or a doodle (doddle ?) on a comix, but a real
drawing, preferably colored and related to the groups!... That's quite a

I'd like to add that, because I begin to know more or less personnaly
some French writers from a french litterary group named Oulipo (see
http://www.rennes.enst-bretagne.fr/~bruhat/oulipo/ for details), that
recognized and talented artists are also human beings. That is to say:
1) they have a job and a lot of things to do, and do not always have time
   for us fans, who are wanting entertainement (more or less)
2) they are usually normal people, nice and friendly when you come to know
   them (even a little)
These facts acknowledged, I'd say that i absolutely do not know what is
the future of the groop T-shirt, even if I know we can count on the
enthusiasm of the Groop members... but the are doing this for their own
entertainment, remember....


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