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> I still feel guilty over the screen saver thing. I didnt get permission (I dont
> think). On this note, it needs improvement. I dont have the tools to scan, or
> make images, but I can implement them in code if someone wants to draw/half
> inch some.

You didn't get the permission, but you didn't get interdiction...
You were (and still are) very concerned about that rights problem, and I
guess the judge will take that into account when Mark and Sergio will sue
you. I don't think the CBLDF will be of any help in this case, alas... ;)

I don't think that little program will be much diffused, and you didn't
get a dime for it (but lose many hours of sleep, didn't you?)

I mean, this list isn't the place where bad guys advertise and sell false
Groo T-shirts, ignoring the authors rights, and making a lot of money on
their names, is it?

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