More thoughts on t-shirts

 <warning: diatribe enclosed>
Phillipe wrote:

>I mean, this list isn't the place where bad guys
>advertise and sell false
>Groo T-shirts, ignoring the authors rights, and
>making a lot of money on their names, is it?

Answer: no, of course not.

After reading Phillipe's post, I started
wondering if there really is any money to be made
here (selling t-shirts).  After all, Sergio and
Mark aren't dumb, they must be making some money
from something.  Ask yourself why Sergio and Mark
aren't ALREADY selling Groo t-shirts, and
miniatures, and COMICS.  Answer: because there
isn't enough money in it. They can (and need to)
make more money doing something else.

How much money could anybody possibly make selling
Groo t-shirts?  We could estimate the cost of
making the shirts at around $7.00 at the cheapest,
then there's shipping. Multiple images (front and
back, etc.) are very expensive. But, without even
thinking about the COST, how many could we sell?
If we had 100 t-shirts with a Groo pic on the
front, could we sell them all? at $15.00?  Would
that make any money?  Granted, everybody on this
list would buy one. So that's 100 x (15-7)= $800. 
Whoopee.  Sorry folks, but that won't even pay a
months rent.

We'd have to sell thousands of Groo t-shirts to
make any REAL money.  And finding buyers is not
easy.  I know one other person who even heard of
Groo before (not counting the people I told) and
he manages a comic shop.  We aren't talking
"Cultural Icon" here, we are talking "Cult Hero". 

If there was any money to be made from Groo,
Sergio and Mark would be doing it.

No, Sergio and Mark aren't worried about the Groop
stealing their ideas and making scads of kopins. 
What they want to do is prevent their hard work
and years of effort from being degraded (by poor
quality products) or used inappropriately (like to
promote an evil idea).  

If we can make a decent reproduction of Groo on a
shirt, and show it to Sergio and Mark, they will
probably agree to let us make a limited run for
our own use.  As long as they don't have to do
ANYTHING themselves, it is easy for them to say
yes.  They know we want a top quality graphic, and
they know we aren't going to use our hero for
questionable purposes. I idolize those guys. If
they said no, no it is. (and I probably would cry
for a week). 

But, it is good for them if we make some shirts.
By advertising their products, we keep the idea of
Groo alive. Sooner or later, Groo will be back.
Remember that Star Trek was cancelled after only
three seasons. (The studios wanted to cancel after
only two, but were talked into a third year.) It
took ten years of reruns for ST to really catch
on. It was a tiny cult thing for years, now it's
huge. If we all wore our shirts on Groo's birthday
(June 31st) people would say, "you spilled some
swill on your shirt" and we could give them our
extra comics to get them started on their
collection, and Josh's web address, and ask them
if they ever saw those little cartoons in the
margins of Mad magazine, and there would be
another person who had heard of Groo. 

BTW, check the covers of Image #1, Image #3, and
Marvel #112. I think those would make good
graphics. Using a cover would perhaps be best,
because the picture would be good enough to use
without much enlarging. The colors are usually a
little better on the covers, too.