Re: The Groop T-Shirts...

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, BooK wrote:

> I don't know if we have yet earned Mark (and Sergio)'s respect. Mark must
> have noticed yet that we have always tried to respect their rights as
> authors (the screen saver, the pin with an image... raised these
> questions). So he probably already knows we won't do these shirts (even on
> our relatively small scale) if he or Sergio don't agree.

	Then again, I did get a T-shirt with a laser-copied Groo cover on 
it for Christmas once.  But that's different, I think.  It is interesting 
that as a group we can decide (or at least agree ) not to do something 
like the shirt, but individually we may have all done it on a smaller 
scale. . .  

> recognized and talented artists are also human beings. That is to say:
> 1) they have a job and a lot of things to do, and do not always have time
>    for us fans, who are wanting entertainement (more or less)
> 2) they are usually normal people, nice and friendly when you come to know
>    them (even a little)

	3) And also, their art is very important and personal to them. 
They don't just hand it out at any asking, even if it doesn't take much
time to do so. 

> These facts acknowledged, I'd say that i absolutely do not know what is
> the future of the groop T-shirt, even if I know we can count on the
> enthusiasm of the Groop members... but the are doing this for their own
> entertainment, remember....

	My feeling is, after meeting Sergio and knowing what he has done, 
that at some point in time he may be kind enough as to help us out on 
this one.  But in the meantime, let's do other things like:  

1)help fill up the Sergiography (it is *only* 6 pages long), 
2)get more Quiz Questions going, 
3)tell stories about meeting Sergio, 
4)posting funny ideas for Groo meets Spawn (medieval or future, pick your 
5)post blueprints for our Groo costumes that we're all going to wear next 
6)etc, etc.

aka Scribe.